Seamless guest access experience

Easily checked-in ahead of time. No waiting in line. Used the mobile key which worked even after my phone died.
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Hotel Solution

Hotels face labor shortages and an 86% turnover rate. Our solution provides automation so hotels can serve more guests with fewer staff.

Improve experience & loyalty

Friction during check-in process and frustrations with key cards leads to poor guest experience. Our solution streamlines the check-in process to help eliminate lobby wait times. We provide reliable NFC mobile keys that work even when the phone is dead or the option of Bluetooth mobile keys.

Mobile key and remote check-in
Access to guest preferences
No long lobby wait times
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Integration with PMS

We have planned integrations with the vast majority of property management systems. In the meantime, we provide a portal solution for hotels with currently unsupported property management systems.

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Guests love our solution

" Any chance I get to not carry a key card, I'm in. Mobile keys are much better. "

" I like checking in on the app and going straight to my room. Saves me time. "

" My phone is always with me. What a great way to use it - as my room key. "

" We have a lot to remember - kids, toys, luggage. The room key is no longer a point of stress when we travel. "

Mobile Check-in

prefer checking in with an app (statista)

Mobile Key

would use a mobile key to enter their room


willing to download

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